Trump Speech to Brentwood Police: You May Have Missed This!

You may have missed this! In President Donald Trump’s message to the Federal, State, and Local law enforcement he was NOT advocating police brutality as is being spun by the mainstream media, but was letting these MS-13 “thugs” and “animals” know that they cannot and will not be able to wreak havoc on our city streets any longer.

It’s a ‘tough talk’ strategy that, in my opinion, is necessary. He is not insinuating that for any average citizen being arrested the police should “take the hand off” and let them bump their head on the way into a squad car. That’s not what this speech was about!

“So many deaths, where they release somebody back into the community. And they know it’s going to end that way and that’s the sad part, they know it’s going to end that way. We’re ending those procedures.”

If you watch the entire speech, Donald Trump made it perfectly clear that his animus is towards these MS-13 gang members who have absolutely no regard for life and our freedoms. If you watch the entire speech, President Trump is bolstering his support to the men and women who protect out streets and are laying their lives on the line each and every day fighting these “thugs” and “animals” so that we can enjoy our lives as American citizens.

“I said please don’t be too nice”

Donald Trump supports our law enforcement and I do was well. The key here is that you may have missed his message having only ingested what the media pundits have fed you. While there may be statutory and regulatory no-nos in what Trump said, the gist of his message was about protecting American citizens.

“We’re getting them out; they’re going to jails, and then back to their country . . . one by one, we’re liberating our American towns.”

That should be the catch phrase: “We’re Liberating Our American Towns!” President Trump’s speech was on Friday, July 28 2017 at Suffolk Community College in Brentwood, Long Island, New York. Watch his whole speech right here.


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