Trump’s Health Care Plan Not Dead Yet! Repeal And Replace This, Dems!

The Senate voted 55 to 45 against repealing O***aCare today in a landmark event which really has nothing to do with healthcare and everything about disestablishment. Despite this ‘setback’ President Donald Trump’s health care plan is not dead yet. He will repeal and replace those spiteful Democrats in his way, or should I say, in OUR way.

The real question is this: why would you want keep a healthcare system in place that is so excruciatingly EXPENSIVE? A poorly planned and conceived system that is pricing out the majority of people that it can benefit. Why would you NOT want to repeal and replace it with a new plan that will actually be competitive and be more inclusive to those who need it? The answer is excruciatingly simple.

If this bill had passed Trump would have had 2 years to come up with a new plan. Ceteris Paribus, ‘all things being equal,’ Donald Trump would have basically turned a turd into a gold statue! He would have knocked it out of the park, he would have built a new Trump Tower for this and future generations!

Given the current political climate, however, our President would definitely have had his work cut out for him. Even as an ardent Trump supporter, I would still like to have seen a bit more transparency in how this new health care act would be implemented. However, if this bill had passed, I’m sure President Trump would have been prepared to begin disseminating this information to the public.

A total of 7 Republicans voted AGAINST the repeal-only act! I’m sure they garnered votes that landed them in office based on that premise, that is a violation of the public trust against those constituents. Constituents like me. That is very disturbing to me because President Trump is carrying out ALL of his campaign promises despite immense political pressure and continued sabotage. Donald Trump has not let his constituents down yet.

Donald Trump does not have failures, he may have setbacks, but he will always succeed. Do not despair or cave in to media hacks who tell you otherwise. The issues surrounding Trump’s health care plan (repeal and replace O***Care) has not gone away, nor shall it take a back seat until WE, the people who voted Trump into office, shall have what we so vehemently have fought for.


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