Who Is Going To Stand Up For Donald Trump?

Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, is going to Make America Great Again. Who is going to stand up for Donald Trump? Because right now he needs our continued support and prayers. #MAGA

Since taking office on January 20, 2017 Donald Trump has been facing what seems to be the most heinous media backlash in American history. It is depraved, unethical, mob-ruled and I have gotten to the point where it’s tearing me apart emotionally. That’s all these muleing babies have have been spewing, base emotional invective. They are trying to eviscerate one of the greatest leaders of our time, someone who has the potential to build a nation back up, repair its national identity, and actually help citizens in need.

These crazies are figuratively throwing rocks at their angel of mercy! Donald Trump will Make America Great Again and I will stand up for him.

Ok, enough of the negative! Here’s the positive and I would encourage everyone to stop feeding into the hate by repeating rhetoric and ill-conceived stories that are flooding our media outlets and basically BRAINWASHING us. “Fake news” seems to be where it’s at.

Who is going to stand up for Donald Trump? I am!

President Donald Trump won the election because the people spoke; they voiced their support of the values and ideals that he stands for, ideals that I stand for. It was probably a closer margin than Abraham Lincoln’s second election in 1864!

In Donald Trump’s first 100 days he signed 24 executive orders, 22 presidential memoranda, 20 presidential proclamations, and 28 bills. He is moving forward with repealing our current healthcare system and has started construction on our border wall. Illegal immigration across the Mexican border has plummeted since Trump has taken office.

If our media was on the side of our President, just imagine how much more he could be accomplishing with the support of the nation that elected him. He WILL get the job done, his word is his promise. Keeping his word to eliminate sanctuary cities has definitely put a smile on my face!

President Trump will not put his citizens second. I believe immigration should be slowed and controlled and Donald Trump will finally see to that. Let’s show our continued support for all that President Donald Trump has done and will continue to do. Don’t let the mainstream media dishearten or dissuade you, stay positive knowing that our President will succeed and go down in history as one of the greatest presidents ever. #MAGA!

We salute you, sir.

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