Arkansas OVERTURNS Victory to Virginia Tech in 2016 Belk Bowl

The Arkansas Razorbacks fried their own bacon against Virginia Tech in the 2016 Belk Bowl! I’m still at a loss to explain the indelible blunder that led the Razorbacks to lose a 21-0 lead at halftime and allow 4 turnovers.

Arkansas went from total domination to catastrophic implosion! Virginia Tech went scoreless in the first half, Arkansas went scoreless in the second half!

7-6 (3-5) 17 7 0 0 24
Virginia Tech
10-4 (6-2) 0 0 21 14 35

In the first half Austin Allen was a machine, playing his best game of the season. Drew Morgan was unstoppable as was Keon Hatcher – the Arkansas pass game left an indelible impression on me as I was expecting the traditional run game delivered by Williams III and Whaley.

The irrepressible Virginia Tech defense wasn’t allowing Arkansas’ run game so the Razorbacks smartly switched to the pass game which put them up an easy 24-0 at the half.

However, a few of those bizarre penalty calls must have messed up the space-time continuum because when the Razorbacks took the field in the 2nd half their vacuous bodies were clearly invaded by aliens with a complete lack of mental or motor skills.

Virginia Tech came alive and morphed into the team that they were all season. Jeron Evans was on fire! He and Travon McMillian impressed me in the Battle at Bristol versus Tennessee at the very beginning of the season. What an incredible athlete.

Bret Bielema’s Razorbacks gave up 4 turnovers for 28 points in the 2nd half. Virginia Tech only scored a single legitimate touchdown on their own.

On a more disturbing note, senior Drew Morgan in his last game of this college career was ejected from the game in the final minutes, apparently for spitting in a Virginia Tech player’s face. This according to SEC Country.

The 2016 Belk Bowl saw the BEST and WORST of Arkansas football. It revealed to Razorback fans all of the beauty and eloquence that this program has stood for; on the other side of the coin it was like watching someone lose their composure on the witness stand and have a mental breakdown.

Arkansas OVERTURNS Victory to Virginia Tech in 2016 Belk Bowl - AK
source: bleacherreport
Arkansas OVERTURNS Victory to Virginia Tech in 2016 Belk Bowl - VT
source: bleacherreport

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