Alabama vs Texas A&M Preview: Battle of the Unbeaten

#1 Alabama is 7-0 (4-0) and #6 Texas A&M are 6-0 (4-0) after coming off of a bye week. Based on current SEC standings, this is THE battle for the SEC West! There is no other. LSU and Auburn both have single conference losses and 2 overall. The Crimson Tide and the Aggies are the only 2 unbeaten teams remaining in the SEC.

This game is for all the beans, so to speak.

In SEC West terms, Alabama has yet to play LSU, Mississippi State, and Auburn. Texas A&M has yet to play Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and LSU. Both are on equal footing in terms of difficulty. If we cancel out Mississippi State from both equations, cancel out LSU from both equations, we can weigh the difficulty between Ole Miss and Auburn. Both are good but we’d probably give the slight edge to Ole Miss right now.


Although it is still too early to start saying with any degree of accuracy who has the best chances to take the SEC Championship title, it has to be Alabama.

That’s not to say that Texas A&M doesn’t have a chance this weekend. Alabama need to be on their toes and not get complacent after their trouncing of Tennis-cheat. The Aggies also beat Tennessee, however their game went to 2OT and they barely pulled out the win!

This was a HUGE defeat for the Aggies, don’t get me wrong; but this game against Alabama is their most important of the season.

Kevin Sumlin has done a tremendous job in building up his Texas A&M team, from recruiting to hiring to play-calling, he has brought this Aggies team back from the brink of disaster.

I’m going to look for Texas A&M’s conditioning once again. If they are able to keep up with Alabama in the first half, they might not be able to do so in the second half. This is where they almost lost it against the Vols. If they had made even 30% of the tackles they were supposed to, they would have walked away with the game without having to go into overtime.

Tennessee was overtrained, hence all the injuries. That’s what it looked like to me.

Alabama will not be overtrained and it will be the Aggies job to play at their peak performance during this game; any less, and they just gave the ballgame away.

If we want to recite players and rosters we can do that all day. However, pound for pound Alabama has the better team! That’s just the nuts and bolts of it. What is going to make the difference is execution of plays and conditioning.

Lane Kiffin is a play-calling genius and he will run over, around, through you if you are sleeping on your watch. With the layers of talent that Alabama has, they are going to get their way with the football.

The one thing that we might see is Trevor Knight run the ball more; he is also going to rely on his running backs and short passes more I would think. Given that he often can’t hit the side of a barn for accuracy, there’s NO reason to expect him to open up on too many long passes against this Crimson Tide defense!

This is going to be an epic showdown of the only 2 remaining unbeaten teams in the SEC! Unfortunately, there will only be 1 unbeaten team remaining after this football game.

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