Week 8 AP Poll SEC Rankings

There’s no doubt that Alabama is #1 again! Week 8 brings us back to 8 SEC teams in the AP Poll Top 25. The last time there were 8 SEC teams in the AP Poll was week 4. LSU is back on the list after falling off in week 5 with their loss of Coach Miles and that game against Auburn.

1 Alabama 1
2 Ohio State 2
3 Michigan 4
4 Clemson 3
5 Washington 5
6 Texas A&M 6
7 Louisville 7
8 Nebraska 10
9 Baylor 11
10 Wisconsin 8
11 Houston 13
12 West Virginia 20
13 Florida State 14
14 Boise State 15
15 Florida 18
16 Oklahoma 19
17 Arkansas 22
18 Tennessee 9
19 Utah 21
20 Western Michigan 24
21 Auburn 23
22 North Carolina
23 Ole Miss
24 Navy 25
25 LSU

Texas A&M maintains its #6 spot during its bye week. They will definitely move spots this coming weekend as they play #1 Alabama. Alabama tops the SEC at 7-0 (4-0) and the Aggies are right behind them at 6-0 (4-0). The only thing that really matters are conference wins and both teams are 4-0. This game will be the tie breaker!

Florida is back off of a sound defeat of a struggling Missouri Tigers. They are looking like the Gators we have been expecting this season, unfortunately they have a bye week this week so we won’t get to see them evolve until their meet up against Georgia in week 9.

Arkansas is doing what Arkansas does best: win surprising games out of nowhere. There defeat of Ole Miss this weekend bumps them up to #17. They seemed to have fixed many of the defensive issues that were plaguing them in their game against Alabama last week. But, hey, I’ve said for Arkansas to score 30 points against Alabama is nothing to be snuffed at!

#17 Arkansas is taking on #21 Auburn in a game that is huge for both teams. This is going to be a wild one!

Ole Miss drops and LSU is back on the list. LSU didn’t do a whole lot this weekend, if I’m honest. Let’s put it this way: we didn’t get to see what we needed to see from this Orgeron Tigers team in a non-conference game. LSU plays Ole Miss this weekend, here’s where we’re going to see some jostling at the bottom of this table.

LSU are 4-2 (2-1) and Ole Miss 3-3 (1-2). LSU needs this win to keep up with the top of the SEC West pack and Ole Miss needs this to not be in the same sentence as Mississippi State’s record.

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