Alabama Soundly Defeats Arkansas 49-30

The Alabama Crimson Tide walked into Arkansas Stadium and beat the Razorbacks 49-30. What seems to be less apparent is how well Arkansas actually did! Scoring 30 points against a championship-caliber Alabama team is nothing to be snarky about.

The only other team to outscore Alabama so far this year was Ole Miss who lost 48-43. USC lost 52-6!

So, for the Arkansas Razorbacks to put up 20 points is worthy of some note for this team. Austin Allen passed for a monster 400 yards this game, his favorite target being Jared Cornelius who put up 146 yards receiving. Unfortunately, Allen’s completion attempts weren’t to spec.

The Razorbacks had a few huge breakout plays with Rawleigh Williams carrying the ball and looked pretty well refined against one of college football’s toughest defenses. I was the Arkansas defense that buckled under the pressure of the Elephant Tide.

Damien Harris looked in peak shape busting through the line and secondary. At only 5-11 this guy still amazes me just how much force those legs can produce! It was also nice to see Bo Scarborough getting some carries and back on the field.

At the end of the day, it was the Jalen Hurts show once again. We are seeing big things from this young man who is a son of a coach and cool under pressure. He continues to impress and have such a positive impact on his players and must be good if he gets one of the ultimate compliments. Nick Saban is reported to have said that Jalen Hurts “doesn’t give me stress.”

That may not seem like much in the real world, but in coach’s speak, that’s a HUGE compliment!

Check out this highlight reel of Bo Scarborough and a spectacular Alabama touchdown!

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