Florida Georgia Line: Gators or Bulldogs Football for the SEC East?

Yeah I’ve head that Tennessee is supposed to win the SEC East, actually I was on that bandwagon a year ago. While Butch Jones, Josh Dobbs, Jalen Hurd, and Alvin Kamara create a solid core for the Vols, I think this year is about the Florida-Georgia line.

I think we will know by week 5 where all this stands between Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee as the Vols play Florida in week 4 and then Georgia in week 5. I believe that Tennessee will lose BOTH games to Florida AND Georgia.

The Gators face the Bulldogs at home in week 9. There is waaay too much off-the-field, preseason noise to accurately predict the outcome of the Florida-Georgia game.

However, let me say that I think each team will be at 1-loss by the time of their game in week 9. Georgia will have lost to Ole Miss in week 4, and Florida will have lost to LSU in week 6. This will put them both on even ground going onto the field.

Needless to say, everything will be on the line for both Florida and Georgia, including their hopes at an SEC East championship. One of these teams will leave the stadium at 6-2 (4-2) and the other 7-1 (5-1) going into week 10! That’s huge.


Florida goes on to play at Arkansas the following week which might be a tricky game; however, early predictions would indicate another Gator win. South Carolina rounds out the Florida season which would leave them, at a minimum, a 2-loss team. I’ll actually be rooting for Arkansas as they have always been my underdog team – but that has nothing to do with this discussion.

The other obvious stumbling block for the Gators comes outside of the SEC in their rivals Florida State. That is definitely a tricky game for coach McElwain! We’ll see how the Rebs of Ole Miss fare against the hand-choppers in week 1.

Georgia, on the other hand, faces Kentucky and Auburn as their last 2 conference games; I would expect the Bulldogs to win both of those games. Their season-ending game is also concerning and less predictable as Georgia Tech can be hit-or-miss.

I like Georgia’s chances as a 1-loss team in 2016 (single loss to Ole Miss). I think their schedule, coaching, and players have the best potential to sweep the SEC East this year! I think Florida will fall short at 2-losses. Kirby Smart’s team MUST beat both Tennessee and Florida to be the true kings of the EAST!


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