The Results of my LOA Experiment!

You’re not going to believe what happened!

I Published my first article on NOW-Power on December 11, 2014 with the intent of using this forum as a vehicle to unclutter my thoughts and put me on a track to success by attempting to practice the LOA on myself. This blog is a testament, or living memory, to that experiment.

Unfortunately, the result of my experiment is inescapable: THE LAW OF ATTRACTION IS FULL OF SHIT!

I say that with both pomposity and vindication. You see, I love writing. I used the vehicle of a blog to engage my sense of how I process information, and through writing and recording my thoughts I’ve now sustained a verifiable record of how I arrived at the conclusion that the LOA sucks and is for suckers who loathe action and wallow in inaction.

You see, the LOA invites paralysis. It removes control from your life and places it in the hands of some mysterious, fictitious “universe.” Believing in the LOA is like sitting around and waiting to win the lottery, it just ain’t going to happen people! Are you f*king kidding me? Maybe others who believe this malarkey are apt to try and follow it’s lack of logic, but not this guy!

Time is the great equalizer! If you want success you basically have 2 choices: sit around and wait for the “universe” to deliver it to you; or, go out and make it happen! I choose the latter.

Are you going to waste your time and intelligence on futile endeavors or are you going to use that time to your advantage by doing something? The choice is yours, either way time marches on. There are 2 types of people in this world: people that complain about stuff and people that get off of their ass and do something about it.

With those statements in mind, the result of my experiment can also be re-postulated:


There are no shortcuts in life. We all have to put in the work. Another facet of this blog is that I’ve also written a few articles on fitness and, in particular, weightlifting. Strength training in the gym is a perfect analogy for the LOA because you are not going to get bigger and stronger just sticking your nub in the holes of the weights visualizing that you’re getting stronger.

F*ck that! You need to work, sweat, and eat properly. You need to be committed and have a plan for success; it also helps being around others that are stronger than you and know what they are doing. Getting stronger is also predicated on researching and understanding the science of muscle building for there are a lot of roid-heads out there with their “bro-science” talking all kind of crap because they are as trustworthy as an LOA “guru” trying to sell you something and as sophisticated as a neanderthal trying to do needlepoint.

Hey, look I’ve spent 2 whole years (a year and a half on the blog plus half a year dreaming up the blog) of my life on this theoretical flatulence and basically got nothing out of it as far as appreciable wealth that could not be accounted for exclusive of my preexisting income sources. In other words, nothing came to me that I didn’t already earn with my own hands and my own mind!

Although these self-inflated “gurus” would have you believe otherwise, don’t let them take your power away from you. Yes, I once wrote on this blog that I attracted a car into my life; however, looking back, f*ck that! I bought the car and guess who paid for it? I did because I have a f*cking job that pays well! The loser-verse didn’t gift that to me, I worked my ass off for it! I’m certainly not giving some false, hippy-verse credit for my actions.

I was a naive knave and I admit it freely. Don’t you be one! One of the purposes of this final blog post on NOW-Power is to use my shortcomings as an example for you NOT to follow in my footsteps.

Well, hey, I’ve also said that I have a hard head and was born with a large measure of moxy so I can take it. I don’t fail! I learn, adapt, and move on! Don’t get the idea that I’m some broken spirit because of all of this, quite the contrary! This experiment has only made me stronger and wiser.

It’s also done a few other things for me: I’ve now learned how to build websites, code them, and run an internet business. Go me! Don’t be tempted to engage in circular logic and think that I owe the screw-you-verse anything – I did this! One of the greatest yardsticks to success is failure and through this theoretical failure I’ve succeeded, so suck on that “universe.”

All of you reading this only need one takeaway. YOU, and you alone, have POWER over your life and your actions, and that the time to take action is NOW!


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