Visualize a Flow of Money Right NOW

Let’s take a moment to visualize money right NOW and create wealth! Let’s focus on wealth and visualize it together.

Before we begin let me offer a few words on the definitions of MONEY and WEALTH. This will help to distinguish them in your mind, for they are not the same thing!

In strict economic terms MONEY is a FLOW and WEALTH is a STOCK. That is, wealth is seen as something more like an asset that would be closer in definition to CAPITAL. Money is a flow in that it is earned and is much more liquid, closer in definition to INCOME.

The two are related because money flows into our coffers via income and then stockpiles as wealth.

The metaphor we want to focus on and visualize is that of a great flowing river and a bountiful lake.


“Imagine a great mountain valley like the one pictured above. Imagine clean and beautiful water flowing down to you. You must imagine the water flowing towards you. It must reach you. The water is designed to come to you. You are receiving it because it is a gift just for you!”


Now imagine that water flowing right to you!


“Visualize this water as income. Imagine this is a river of money coming towards you, flowing towards you, bringing you all the money you desire. Feel how serene and calming this flow of money is. Feel how natural it is to have large amounts of money flowing towards you.

This river comes from the mountain stream above, you are now standing right here in a river of money flowing towards you.”

Now imagine this river flowing into a great reservoir.


“This reservoir is your wealth! This lake is where your river of money collects and is safe. This is where your stream of income builds into wealth. Visualize this lake filling up with water. Its gentle ebbs nourishing the land, its life-giving properties benefiting you.

Visualize the last stream emptying efficiently and constantly into this reservoir. The water is flowing to you, for you. Feel its abundance, feel it happening NOW.”


NOW, receive what you’ve visualized!


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