The Luxembourg Signal – Dying Star

The Luxembourg Signal – Dying Star.



What can I say about Dying Star? It’s a masterpiece of emotionally driving guitar, phasing grunginess, subdued vocals, all culminating with a slide guitar solo that crashes down the scales at the end! When I first heard this song I was immediately mesmerized by its sound. It’s a deep, thick, lusty ball of comfortably unnerving tension between the cranked up guitars and the almost drone-like quality of the female vocals. It works so well!!!

The song introduces you to the lyric “you are my guiding star” and by the end of the song the title to this point of light is revealed in the final verse as “you are my dying star.” I love how this lyrical contrast is built and played upon.

You know a song is good when it’s best played loud and this track is just that! I should be played at the volume when music transcends into pure emotion!

I gotta say, that slide guitar getting forced down the frets at the very end threw me for a loop and was a beautifully unanticipated musical WTF moment. It was so simple, like a crazy Stevie Ray Vaughn lick, yet it captured all of the energy and crazy emotions going through me while first listening to this track, if that makes any sense.

This track has made it to my list of songs I am going to DJ at my own funeral! Congrats 🙂


MP3 album available on Amazon! (I have no affiliate relationship with this group, I purchased this album!)

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