The Luxembourg Effect

The Luxembourg Effect of Wealth Creation, or simply The Luxembourg Effect, is a method to increase your observational awareness in building wealth and/or success.

The Luxembourg Effect states that opportunities for wealth will come through an indirect connection via an instinctively and overwhelmingly powerful emotional signal. There are 2 parts to this effect: (1) a wealth-building opportunity that will come through a connection that you have revisited, but which came through a secondary source; and (2) a gut feeling that will be a powerful magnet drawing you where you need to be.

In regards to part (1), you won’t meet that one person who shares your business vision and has been waiting to participate in exactly the venture you were thinking about right off the bat. That introduction will come from another friend, colleague, family member, whatever, that you already have established.

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The source may be familiar, but how it arrives will be unexpected.

If you think about it, the person you will meet that holds the key to a wealth-building opportunity for you should not be the focus of how you interpret the Luxembourg Effect, but actually the one behind him or her! That’s the person from whom you make the connection.

Why is that important? It is important because we must value and appreciate the people and things around us that we have been blessed with! It’s about what we have NOW. It is out of those that the Luxembourg Effect creates wealth.

Just because your friend or brother or sister isn’t in the right industry you are seeking to get into doesn’t mean that they don’t ultimately hold the key to your success, unbeknownst to them! They could be one step away, that secondary source, that once-removed factor to unlocking THE wealth you are seeking.

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Keep and open mind and open heart when dealing with people. Value everyone for what you don’t realize they have.

The second half to the equation, part (2), is an overwhelming sense that “this is what I’ve been waiting for.” I would assume that this feeling comes in different forms for different people as not all humans observe and construct reality in the same way. For me, this is a powerful, jaw-dropping, bricks-to-the-face feeling.

It kind of takes you by surprise and that’s what creates the strong emotions. It’s a feeling you won’t be able to run away from. If it’s a strong emotion or feeling but you can walk away from it, then it’s a false positive. You have to know it’s right.

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I named this Effect for something that happened to me. One day I was helping a friend move a piece of furniture from his sister’s house to his office. I had other things already planned but decided I would help him anyway. As we were driving he mistakenly changed the radio to a station that features our local college radio station.

We started laughing because it was so bad! We also reminisced about how it used to be so good, so innovative! Well, about two days later as I started my truck to drive to work I did the same thing: I mistakenly turned my radio to that same college station. This time it was different!

There was the most amazing song I had heard in a long time! It mesmerized me instantly and I knew I had to find out what it was!

The song was called Dying Star by The Luxembourg Signal! Wowzers!


If it weren’t for helping my friend I wouldn’t have turned my radio to that college station and would never have found this amazing piece of music – part (1). When I heard it I just HAD to have it – part (2).

It doesn’t matter if you think this song stinks or enjoy it just as much as I do (I bought the whole album, every track is good), but it’s the realization that a pattern exists in how we find things. How we build wealth.

The Luxembourg Effect states that opportunities for wealth will come through an indirect connection via an instinctively and overwhelmingly powerful emotional signal. Your challenge is to try and observe this Effect in your life and to stay open to how opportunities come to you.

In order for this Effect to work for you, you must be a keen observer of people and reality and never take anything for granted. The caveat is that you may not receive wealth-building opportunities from where YOU expect them! This is why this article is much more powerful than a ‘make connections,’ or ‘appreciate things’ speech, it’s a technique to tailor and focus in on how you observe reality in motion.

The Luxembourg Effect - Luxembourg Signal
The Luxembourg Signal band live in London.

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