At Least You Know What You DON’T Want!

I’ve been looking for a new career for about two years now, and I think that search has taught me a lot about life and perspective.

I have a full time career which pays me well, yet like many others in similar professional positions, I am bored, burnt out, and bursting at the seams for new opportunities and challenges!

I recently went to a job/career fair in my city to see if that might spark any kind of connection or opportunity. Well, let’s just say that job fair was geared toward entry-level positions, recruiting base-pay jobs. Sufficed to say, it was kind of a waste of my time in the sense that nothing there would pay me even close to what I currently make.

It was good market reconnaissance, however.

The experience taught me one thing: at least you know what you DON’T want!

This is important because it sliced some crust off of my bread, so to speak. It narrowed my focus toward what I DO want to achieve by reinforcing how I do NOT want to achieve it.

Scientifically speaking, it eliminated a subset of variables complicating my data. It optimized my model toward efficiency. Occam’s Razor!

My mindset going into this situation was that I was going to keep an open mind and see if there were any connections that I could make. The operative strategy being to go with the flow.

Well, as soon as I got in there I realized that I was not a part of the target audience or demographic for this job/career fair. Actually, let’s just call a job fair instead of a career fair, to be fair.

know what you don't want different

It wasn’t all negative. The positive that came out of it was, again, what was ringing through my head the entire time I was mixing through the mordant masses: at least you know what you DON’T want!

This experience only solidified in me the realization that I need to be my own boss. It underscored my desire to start my own business and be successful. It validated my drive to achieve success through my own talents and blessings. It showed me that I need to play by my own rules.

By knowing what you DON’T want will help define or reinforce what you DO want.

know what you don't want positive

Often times we are reluctant to accept that thought or feeling that our gut tells us is our destiny or the right course to pursue. We shut off those avenues because we think we will fail or that we don’t TRUST those feelings.

Being in a situation where you feel an overwhelming sense of “I shouldn’t be here” is an excellent way of getting out of your comfort zone and creating a contrast of the things you value.

This experience was an excellent perspective-builder. I know what I DO WANT and I am going to get it!

Break out of the herd and grow a unique set of wings!!!

know what you don't want flock herd know what you don't want stand out

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