South Carolina vs Georgia: Week 3 Results 2015

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South Carolina vs Georgia: Week 3 Results 2015

Final Score 52-20 – a new-found faith for Mark Richt.

Georgia on my mind! South Carolina at Georgia started out as a worthy matchup, with two worthy opponents. The first quarter saw a 3-3 tie and both sides presented themselves on the field with an impressive quota of gumption; however, by the 4th quarter this game descended into a green-grass bar brawl, or pretty close to it.

Of course, Nick Chubb stole the day. His down the field breakout plays are so fun to watch for me and one of the reasons I love this Georgia team so much. Watching both Chubb and Gurley last season was a highlight for me, as a kid who used to watch Franco Harris and Earl Campbell tear up the turf back in the day! I heard a crazy stat during the game that Nick Chubb used to squat 650 back in high school! Damn! I squatted 500 in college and that impresses me. Nick Chubb rushed for 159 yards and dominated the run game with teammate Sony Michel. He is apparently just shy of Herschel Walker’s record!

Grayson Lambert was on point this game and seems to be clearly coming into his own on the field. He incredibly managed to make 24/25 completions and is turning out to be a utilitarian grab from Virginia Tech.

While Georgia went on to put up 49 more points after the 1st, South Carolina only put up 17 more. I have to admire Steve Spurrier and the Gamecocks for putting up a good fight; however, they seemed to have gotten worn down by the half and whatever the Bulldogs are putting into their waterbowls seemed to be doing the trick. Georgia looked tough and sprightly during the whole game, clearly conditioned.

I wasn’t too impressed with Perry Orth this game and even Pharoh Cooper didn’t show much alacrity in his multiple roles on the field, a testament perhaps to the Georgia defense as Cooper is one of my favorite players to watch. The things that seemed to ruin South Carolina’s momentum on the field were a few disorganized timeout calls and another batch of failed fancy-dancy plays. “K.I.S.S.” – keep it simple Spurrier! (sorry coach!)

Well, Georgia now enters Week 4 at 3-0. South Carolina is now 1-2. Both teams face non-conference opponents and it goes without saying that SC needs that win as it faces Missouri in Week 5 on Oct 3, 2015. Georgia face off against a 2-1 Alabama on that day and given the Week 3 results is honestly anyone’s game at this moment!

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